NAGPUR Based Pharmaceutical Company.

We are actively engaged in R&D and offer CRAMS to global pharmaceutical companies.


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The pharmaceutical industry in India is the third-largest by volume across the world and the fourteenth largest in terms of value. For the year 2019-2020, the total annual turnover for the industry was INR 2,89,998 crores and pharmaceutical exports were to the tune of INR 1, 46,260 crores. India exports medicines and drugs to nearly 206 countries with the United States being the largest export destination. It is also a leader in vaccine manufacturing and caters to more than 60% of the global vaccine demand. In the recent Union Budget of 2022, the Pharmaceutical industry of the country was recognized as the “sunrise sector” for India’s economy and is expected to grow threefold over the next decade.


India’s healthcare scenario seems to be at crossroads, where there are some positive achievements on the health indicator, but suffers some serious shortcomings in care delivery. The country has been successful in eradicating polio, reducing epidemics caused by tropical diseases and controlled HIV to a large extent. However, it still faces a huge economic burden due to NCDs, struggles to balance accessibility, affordability and quality and is unable to hike public health budgets. In order to strengthen healthcare delivery, Group decided to enter into Healthcare services and they established 3 Multi Specialty Hospital in the region.

Agro-Animal Husbandry

Agriculture is an integral part of the Indian economy and a significant contributor to its GDP. The Indian agriculture business is primarily focused on crops like rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, and oilseeds. The sector provides employment to a large number of people, especially in rural areas.  The use of technology in agriculture, such as precision farming and crop monitoring, is gaining traction in India. Animal husbandry is an important agricultural activity in India. The sector includes the rearing of various domesticated animals such as cattle, buffaloes, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry. The country is one of the largest producers of milk and milk products in the world, which is largely due to the dairy industry. The Indian government has launched various schemes and initiatives to promote animal husbandry and improve the productivity and quality of livestock.  


Group entered into various streams of education so they can create

a chance for each and everyone’s interest. Those streams are like Engineering, Ayurved College & Medical Science and Research, Institute of DPharmacy, College of Physiotherapy.Under the above-mentioned Streams there are various of Institutes like..

• KDK college of Engineering – There are 3 different Colleges in different-different location

• Bhausaheb Mulak Ayurved College & Medical Science and Research Hospital – There are 3 Units in different-different locations
• BCYRC Institute of D Pharmacy – There are 2 Pharmacy institute in 2 different-different locations
• Bhausaheb Mulak College of Physiotherapy
• Colleges for MBA, P.Hd, Science etc.

Textile Industries

The textile industry occupies a leading position in the hierarchy of the Indian manufacturing industry. It was estimated to contribute 14% to industrial output, 4% to GDP and about 11% to India’s export earnings. Besides, it provides direct employment to over 35 mn people and is the second biggest employer. Its direct linkages with the rural economy, being dependent on fibre crops, is also closely linked with diverse crafts, such as those using cotton, wood and silk and handlooms employing millions of farmers and craftsmen in rural and semi-urban areas. In the global context, the industry accounts for 61% of loomage, 22% of spindleage, 12% of the production of textile fibres and yarn, and 25% share in the total world trade of cotton yarn.



"The essence of our culture is built on meeting global standards in every aspect of our business." These envisioned words of Mr. Yash Raj Mulak, our Chairman, reflect the extreme passion and enthusiasm that drives the organization. NEUREXEN PHARMACEUTICALS, headquarter at NAGPUR (India) is a global pharmaceutical company. We are actively engaged in R&D and offer CRAMS to global pharmaceutical companies.


Our key focus areas lie in the Bulk Drugs, Excipients and Specialty Chemicals that have wide-ranging applications across fields like PHARMACEUTICALS, FOOD, COSMETIC and CHEMICAL Industries, among others.


To become a global significant player in Pharmaceutical Products by providing high quality, affordable & innovative solutions.

Pharmaceutics. Pharmaceutical industry worker operates tablet blister and cartoning packaging machine at factory


Achievement: We applaud achievement and strive towards our vision, with perseverance
Respect: We respect all our stakeholders
Knowledge: We value knowledge for it empowers our people to develop innovative solutions and to manage change
Honesty and Integrity: We perform our duties with extreme honesty and integrity

To Create a Global Pharmaceutical Company


Manufacturing Plant

Innovation and Technology are the key drivers of our business. We are on the edge of establishing our state-of-art Manufacturing Plant, which will produce the superior quality of Bulk Drugs, Excipients & Specialty Chemicals.

This plant will be highly equipped with sophisticated machines with advance automation technology and its annual production capacity will be around 4000 MT. This plant will be Certified by MH-FDA, ISO and WHO-GMP, CGMP etc.



We are establishing world-class manufacturing facilities by leveraging state-of-the-art technology, incorporating best practices and adhering to stringent regulatory compliances. We are in process to get the approval from MH FDA, ISO, HALAL, FSSAI and other foreign & Domestic health authorities. Our R&D capabilities includes dossier development, chemical synthesis, process optimization, QBD Development & Support, analytical development and conducting stability studies. We are going to establish end-to-end capabilities – from Lab scale development to Pilot scale up and from commercializing the product to large scale manufacturing for global market.

Pharmaceutical technician in sterile environment working on production of pills at pharmacy factory


Our business strategy is based on integrating and leveraging company strengths to fuel growth. Our core competency is to move aggressively and satisfy increasing demand from our clients and becoming a preferred business partner.


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