R & D Capabilities

At NEUREXEN PHARMACEUTICALS, R&D will be our major strength & will be focusing on Process optimization, Analytical development and Conducting Stability Studies & also committed to developed a range of customized products as per customer specifications and for positively impacting health and well-being.

Our research effort drives our vision of becoming a respected, profitable and integrated global pharmaceutical company. A focused effort in defined areas and a lasting interest in new technology are the key features of our efforts. Our R&D center will be active across almost all facets of the business, which includes:

• Developing customized products as per customer’s specification
• Identifying niche areas for product development
• Filing documentations for regulated and emerging markets


These activities are synchronized to provide NEUREXEN a competitive advantage in the new regime. In the near future, the company has ambitious plans for expanding its research capabilities for focused R&D activities, in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

• To establish a full-fledged R&D Centre at Nagpur equipped with the most modern research infrastructure
• A team of distinguished employees who can leverage their skills to develop products as per emerging business opportunities